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What's Stopping You to Integrate AI in Your Business?

Why You Should Do It and How You Can Do It.

Businesses have a hard time thinking about AI as a core of operations to increase business value rather than a mere source of innovation. The fundamental reason for this setback is the lack of a ‘guide’ to scale AI in your business. One of the most common problems faced by businesses, is understanding the various applications AI can have in different departments. If an enterprise is able to reach the proof of concept (POC) stage for any AI model, they don't have a road map to take that model from POC to production, efficiently and expediently. To change this status quo around AI requires a great amount of flexibility, resources, and most importantly, an open-mind to following a different work-ethic.

Additionally, many businesses fall into the vicious cycle of re-inventing the wheel from scratch due to the lack of insight in the AI landscape. Companies should rather use low-cost, democratised and productised AI options from the get-go. Leveraging available technology, customising it to suit your operational needs, and starting to see value is the first successful step. Neuralastic is an AI consultancy firm, helping in vertical specific end-to-end models for optimal and efficient business operations.


The key towards scaling AI in business involves three key aspects. Firstly, your AI integration needs must align with your company’s business strategies, goals, objectives and mission. When we think about what a business seeks out of operations, it is then much simpler to think about how those goals and objectives can be met efficiently by incorporating AI.

Align Business Goals with AI


Secondly, it is important to have a diversified multi-disciplinary team or set of partners. You may need a great variety of people, from multiple disciplines to think of efficient and smart integration of AI models, helping in overall productivity of operations in your company. Understanding the requirement of talent, and deploying teams and partners with appropriate expertise in their fields makes any AI scaling process successful.

Lastly, and most importantly, Trust. We are all concerned with how our data is being processed and analysed. Since technology today is so powerful, having the right governance on what kind of data to use, and how to leverage it is paramount.

(Accenture 2019)

To scale AI in your business successfully, follow these key steps. With the right governance, and skilled partners, your business will be able to dive into a new wave of tremendous value by successful AI scaling. Visit Neuralastic to understand how AI can be smartly integrated into your industry.

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