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AI – The New Trainer on the Block

Fitness comes in varied shapes and sizes – aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility or the myriad of other metrics that define “fitness.” For each one of us, we have to work with different activities, times and diets to get the bodies we want, giving fitness a different meaning to all. And with the pandemic hampering routine and customization becoming the norm in almost every industry, it’s getting harder for trainers, gyms and online fitness providers to give their clients the attention they deserve. Yet, in times like this, innovation is the way to go, and Artificial Intelligence is here to save the day.

Diet Creation & Optimization

Diet is as, if not more, essential than the workouts one puts in and to cater to every client’s requirements to build a reliable diet plan is no joke. All of this especially holds true for online fitness providers and all gyms disrupted by COVID-19, where meeting and understanding a client’s requirements is just not possible. Yet, Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for optimized diet plans with minimal interaction and latency through the use of neural networks. Trained on data from thousands of professional trainers, AI is able to curate perfected nutritional guides for each client – all of this at minimal cost, time and energy.

(Zito, 2020)

Client Retention & Motivation

"The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent." – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Motivation is of utmost importance for anyone going on with sweat-breaking workouts, rigid diets and tenacious mental focus but with the such disruptions in everyday life, dropping out to take a break is becoming more and more common. However, AI is allowing trainers to know which clients are facing a lack of motivation and might let go of their routines – allowing the trainer to focus and motivate them. All this is done through the use of Long-Short Term Memory model (LSTMs for short) which record previous data of all clients, compare them to current actions and forecast the chances of a trainee leaving, improving client retention and motivation.

(Chugh, 2020)

Setting Goals with Clients

Know what one wants to achieve is the first step to getting on the right path – how many calories? What is BMI? How much muscle mass do I need? All of these questions can be baffling for anyone trying to make fitness a part of their lifestyle. Here, trainers come into play by mapping out these metrics for their clients over the coming months – helping them objectively weigh their performance and make any changes if required. On the other hand, this task requires trainers to meticulously go over each client’s profile, needs and current level, reducing the ability of many firms to scale to more clients. AI uses data collated from different clients and trainers to automate the whole process: simply input the basics, and clients around the globe can receive achievable, objective monthly goals.

The Confluence of Fitness & Artificial Intelligence: A Sign of Good Things to Come

With many more opportunities such as real-time exercise coordination, image morphing to show clients their desired self and much more, AI is set out to disrupt the fitness industry. With its ever-increasing ability to gather, evaluate and use data, it is bound to get better with time and help clients sculpt themselves.

At Neuralastic, we’re already putting artificial intelligence to use in fitness. We’re helping our partners in the health industry retain clients, increase revenue and use AI to optimize and scale their businesses – and we’re doing it all with our state-of-the-art, personalized yet affordable AI models. Head on to to know more!

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