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AI Plug-ins: The Deep Learning Revolution

Until recently, AI had been a taste for the exquisite – an integral part of large corporations such as Facebook or Google – and remained inaccessible for almost every mid to small enterprise, even eluding MNCs not involved in tech. However, the times are changing and deep learning systems are finding ways into new horizons: build-your-own-model like Microsoft’s Azure and Uber’s Michelangelo, freelance developers making single build systems, and many others. Yet, a way of AI implementation catching the eye of businesses is the use of AI plug-ins.

The Plug-n-Play (PnP) mode allows firms to integrate computationally-intensive AIs in every aspect of their business from webpages to backend-management systems – requiring no expertise and a fraction of the cost. PnP companies, like us, Neuralastic, develop AIs – personalized to the client’s requirements – which help augment, amplify and automate business. Not only that, they also host and maintain the AIs, providing ease-of-use for the client, improving performance and reducing costs – all by magnitudes.

But why are AI plug-ins booming? Primarily, the amount of data available today far exceeds the couple of spreadsheets a business had a decade ago and this has pushed firms to find a way to use that data. Moreover, AI plug-ins are significantly more affordable and perform exponentially better than building AI in-house or using build-you-own-model softwares because these methods require massive set-up, maintenance and resource costs that are not viable for any business. In addition, personalized AI plug-ins cuts down on any unnecessary costs and clients, generally, see over ×30 cost reduction in using AI Plug-ins as compared to developing products in-house or through freelancers. PnP firms have focused AI development teams featuring industry experts along with incredibly powerful hosting platforms and all these factors, in turn, enable clients to use cutting-edge AIs with minimal costs and maximum performance.

Neuralastic is at the forefront of Plug-in AIs: catering to clients in industries ranging from supply chain management, mental health to education. Our partners have enabled automation to complete tasks as much as ×86400 times faster, while being more significantly more accurate and efficient than conventional methods. We develop, host and maintain personalized, powerful AIs starting from $149/month – get in touch at

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