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AI for AI? The Future

Executives use AI for Hospitality, AI for Healthcare, AI for E-Commerce, AI for practically anything you can imagine, but how about we started using AI for AI?

What does this really mean? All AI/ML models are built on fairly structured, and defined frameworks. As AI developers, we choose the most appropriate framework to be used aptly with the associated business. What if an AI model was built to develop the most appropriate algorithm for a business by simply taking into account the data associated with the algorithm. What if, there was a tool that developed the most appropriate AI/ML algorithm without feeding any coding or software knowledge. Well, Neuralastic ( has recently launched a revolutionary product called Hazlo. Hazlo is a DIY AI-as-a-service platform that allows anyone to create state-of-the-art AI plugin models- all without any knowledge of coding, software, data science, or hardware. One simply needs to feed their data on the Hazlo platform, and let our product do the rest.

Using Hazlo as a plugin AI solution, companies can easily create demand forecasting, supply chain and price optimization, customer sentiment and market insight analysis, chatbots, and much more without needing to ever hire an expensive tech developer. The possibilities with such a democratized platform are immense, however, the advantages are even greater:

A company does not need to now spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring tech developers or R&D. A company does not need to have an extremely high budget to afford expensive large company solutions. A company does need to worry about maintaining the computing or processing power internally to host these AI models. Lastly, a company does not need to go through the inconvenience of third party services.

With Hazlo, companies can be exposed to a vast array of services on a monthly subscription basis with an extremely nominal fee. This fee will allow you to develop multiple algorithms for multiple different functions of business. Additionally, Hazlo will also deploy, train and optimize those models on a regular basis so you do not need to spend tremendous amounts of money on tech devs.

It is important to note, the future of AI will not be revolutionary in the multiple functionalities of the algorithms but rather because of the accessibility of these algorithms to everyone.

Stay tuned!! The big launch is coming up. Don’t miss the launch of Hazlo by Neuralastic

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