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Empowering businesses by leveraging data to make smarter and more efficient decisions.

We provide an ML/AI-as-a-service platform to decentralise these smart technologies and help in scaling AI solutions so businesses can solve problems such as:




How We've Helped Our Clients


Property Cost Estimation with Machine Learning

An AI developed to estimate property prices for a real-estate brokerage firm ⁠— saves thousands of dollars and drastically improves transparency by providing real-time pricing for properties.


Essay Grading with Neural Networks

Constructed an an AI platform which enabled an educational firm to delve into the uncharted territories of real-time, online and accurate essay grading. This technology significantly increased enrollment and transformed the firm into an industry leader.


Resume Development with Deep Learning

Scaled business for a bespoke college counselling firm by developing a complete online resume solution. The AI enabled students to check their metrics against colleges around the globe and get relevant, objective feedback on their resume.



Successful Collaborations

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The Essay AI

Welcome to the world's first SAT & ACT Essay AI at Collegify

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Score Forecaster

Helping students gauge their performance with Quantum Training.

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The AI Mental Health Companion at UnitedWeCare

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Client Retention

Aiding clients find what they need with KIAlane.

Experience Our AIs

Playing Flappy Bird - With a Twist

The AI starts learning each time you open our web page and employs the Darwinian Evolutionary Algorithm; essentially, it learns from the bird that went the farthest, improves its model and off it goes. Moreover, as the terrain of pipes changes each time, just like the real game, the AI has to work in a constantly changing environment.

Here you can experience our algorithms in motion, edit their learning rates and make new high scores! 

*Side Note: the global high score is around 1000, the AI gets a score of 5 million after running at max. capacity for around 5 minutes. You can screenshot the score and send it to your friends — our lips are sealed :)